The Frivo-lozikel

The Frivo-lozikel:

Commissioned as a permanent installation for Berlin's BAR 25, The
Frivo-lozikel was conceptualized as a bicycle-powered modulating
spring-reverb effects unit. Upon completion, on July 28th 2007, the
sculpture is housed permanently on location and acts as an
interactive medium where visitors manipulate the speed of the
'reverb-time' via pedals while the DJ routes the mix through and
back over the PA. (DJ's Guaranteed co-operation not included).


The Frivolous Patented Electromagnetic Knife

I got this idea from seeing so many "Noise bands" micing up bowls and attacking them with electric blenders that I had to adapt the concept. It works using the same circuit bent PiazoTM electric buzzer design and is quite simple to build so long as you have access to a soldering iron. I've always found it quite appropriate, as have many others, to make metaphors between music and the culinary arts (even before the claim was formally staked by a similar artist you might know). Treating my experiments in the studio similarly to those in the kitchen. It's kind of like when you cook a pasta sauce and you end up making too much of something (let's say... the rue) so you throw
it in the refrigerator instead of the garbage.... Chances are you will end up using it in the coming days for a completely different purpose, and you will have stumbled across something that you never would have done intentionally.



The Broken-Ruler Music Box

The Broken-Ruler Music Box

This contraption's life was short lived. I spent quite a bit of time building and touring
with it in the first half of 2005. I could never get the correct pressure bonding the buzzer to the wooden body. Maybe the craftsmanship on the body itself was questionable or maybe cramming it in my suitcase on more than a few flights didn't bring out the best in it's temperamental character. Regardless I remember retiring it the morning after the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal... RIP (your memory lives on).




double cabletub bass The Double "Cable-Tub" Bass

This design was recently discovered on the net after I was inspired to remake a song done by -believe it or not- famous children's singer
Rafi. I was first planning on building the "traditional" wash-tub bass, but after carefully examining some records by veteran "tubbers", I realized that getting tonal accuracy was a chore for even for the most skilled player.

This contraption is pretty new although I've already recorded several works with it, all of which will be coming out on a new album, I'm not sure when, on a label that is yet to be determined.... (that's right, you heard it here first!)







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